Chair Massage

Many people have found the wonderful benefits of massage through chair massage at various events. Chair massage is a faster paced massage designed to work out upper body "knots", relief from numb or painful hands (including carpal tunnel), and headaches. Chair Massage can be performed in our office or at yours. (per minute)...$1.17


Benefits of Massage


 With today's stressful lifestyles, it is so important that we utilize the power of massage to give our bodies a renewed outlook on life.  Once considered a luxury, massage therapy has proven to do more than bring relaxation to the body.


It has been discovered that with various techniques and pressures, a trained therapist can stretch, lengthen, and loosen muscles.  The also dislodges lactic acid and toxins that have built up between the muscle fibers and, with adequate hydration, allows the body to flush this unwanted debris.  Essentially, massage lowers your blood pressure and heart rate while strengthening the immune system and decreasing hormones that are associated with stress and pain.  It has been found beneficial for a variety of symptoms including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, hypertension, back pain, migraines, arthritis, anxiety, cancer, and fatigue.


With the massage taking place in a peaceful and soothing environment, the body is able to mentally unwind and reconnect, healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Foot /Reflex Massage

Every step you take impacts your feet and your posture.  One way to thank your over-worked feet is a "Sole" Massage which is a 30 Minute Foot Treatment that includes a 10 minute aromatic foot bath and 20 minutes of foot Massage.  An alternative is a 30 minute Reflex Massage to address pressure points throughout the feet. The Reflex Massage is 15 minutes per foot...$40 (for either)


Hot Stone Massage Therapy

The basalt stones used for Hot Stone Massage are specially selected for their shape and ability to maintain heat.  In the hands of a skilled therapist, these smooth stones can melt your stress away.  Utilized with deep tissue work, as an add-on, the warmth of these stones can penetrate "knots" with less discomfort.

60 Minutes of Hot Stones...$80

Localized Hot-Stone Add-on (to Relax or Deep Tissue)...$10


Swedish Relaxation  &

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Relaxation is intended to decrease the affects of stress on the body as well as increase circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, and remove toxins.  Deep tissue involves deeper work that helps relieve chronic pain and spasms.

30 Minutes of Swedish Relaxation...$35

60 Minutes of Swedish Relaxation...$55

90 Minutes of Swedish Relaxation...$80

30 Minutes of Deep Tissue Massage...$45

60 Minutes of Deep Tissue Massage...$70

90 Minutes of Deep Tissue Massage...$100

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage benefits those that have localized swelling, i.e. when lymph nodes have been removed or after plastic surgery. We utilize a modified Chinese cupping technique for this treatment.

30 Minute Localized Treatment...$35

Golfer's / Sports Massage

Designed for individuals who want detailed body work on specific muscle groups to relieve soreness of tired joints and muscles from over-exertion, stress or intense physical activity.

Sports massage, depending on the needs of the individual client, can include deep tissue; including myofascial release, neuromuscular, and trigger point therapy as well as stretching...$70


Massage Add-ons

   Hot Towels (for neck & feet)...$10

Exfoliating Foot Salt Scrub...$15

Localized Hot Stone Massage Add-on...$10

Aroma Therapy...$5

Active Isolated Stretching

Developed by Aaron Mattes, AIS was intended to be used consistently by people of any age for injury prevention, to improve their physical condition, or as a part of their rehabilitation.  Stretching improves the quality of life as well as circulation, increasing oxygen to the tissues, eliminating toxins, and improve nutritional deliverance to the cells.

During the developmental process,  Aaron included sports injuries and degenerative disease symptoms.  Aaron has developed a system that has served a variety of diverse people; from royalty to presidents and professional athletes and Olympians.  AIS has proven to help alleviate knee, hip, neck, and back pains as well as postural problems, frozen shoulder, and more.  As life progresses, we being to loose our flexibility, which decreases posture and agility, which decrease overall health.

60 Minutes Sports/AIS Bodywork...$70

30 Minutes Sports/AIS Bodywork...$45

Prenatal Massage, Massage Doula,

& Infant Massage Classes

Prenatal Massage has been used for centuries to relieve the pain of the bodies changes through the blessed time of life. A Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist is trained to work key areas with proper positioning, and most importantly, avoiding the pressure points that cause premature birth and miscarriages.

The Doula takes the role of Labor Support one step further by becoming a part of the delivery process working pressure points and assisting in providing relief from delivery transitions for an easier, drug-free delivery.  The Prepaid Doula Package offers Labor Support, Postpartum Massage with stretching for the hips, and the Private Infant Massage Class.

Our Infant Massage Class is an incredible tool taught to parents and care givers in a private session.  I has been proven that the power of a loving touch brings healing and calming.  It's no surprise that, even today, in other countries, they have implemented infant massage as a standard part of child rearing and is handed down generation to generation. Infant Massage has the ability to increase circulation, stimulate right and left brain development, strengthens digestion, deepens respiration, and stabilizes sleeping patterns.  Studies have found that it is very beneficial to children with asthma, juvenile arthritis, autism, diabetes, cocaine-exposure, post-traumatic stress, HIV, and preemies have had life changing results from the power of touch.  The greatest results have been found in children receiving massage prior to 12 months, yet both the physical and psychological effects carry on throughout their lives.

60 Minutes of Prenatal Massage...$70

60 Minutes of Postpartum Treatment...$75

​Doula Services...$350

Infant Massage Class...$40
Prepaid Doula Package...$425